Professional automatic fuel tap 80 L / min

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General description of the automatic filling tap for refueling 80 L / min

The 3/4 "refueling hose can be connected to the automatic refueling gun. The handle has a built-in internal rotating thread that allows the refueling hose to rotate easily at different refueling positions and prevents entanglement.

Diesel fuel (oil) and heating oil can be filled with an automatic gun.

The maximum possible flow of the automatic refueling lever is 60 L / min. The pouring speed can be easily adjusted by pressing the handle with one hand. It is also possible to adjust the tapping via a three-stage pin located on the handle. The pin can be set to the desired value with one hand by pressing the handle of the automatic refueling gun, and the filling tap will maintain a steady flow of fuel. Also, the preset automatic tapping power can be interrupted by a simple one-handed grip of the handle.

The automatic refueling handle has a built-in sensor (probe) that detects fuel when it reaches the sensor in the case of a full tank (tank - tank). At the moment, the shut-off valve is activated in the tap, which prevents further refueling. The automatic gun thus allows you to pre-set the filling speed via a three-stage pin and let the tap fill the tank (tank - tank - cistern), while at the appropriate time it will turn itself off and prevent further refueling (refueling) and consequent leakage of fuel. .

The automatic fuel tap has a handle, and most of the housing is rubberized and profiled, which in turn allows a firm grip, and comfortable and safer work. It is also easier to clean. Most of the housing of the automatic dispenser handle is made of cast steel, which contains an additional filter inside. The 18 cm filling tube consists of chromed stainless steel, on which a chromed steel coil is wound, which prevents the filling tube from slipping out of the tank door (tank - tank - container), even when the automatic refueling gun is not physically held. On the lower, outer side of the handle, there is an adapted groove for easy placement of the handle on the adapted holder.

Technical details: Professional automatic fuel tap 80 L / min

1 kg
12 mesecev
Notranji navoj za priklop polnilne cevi za točenje goriva:
3/4" (inch - palec - cola)
Največji možni pretok :
80 L/min
Tekočine, primerne za točenje z avtomatsko pištolo za točenje goriv:
Dizelsko gorivo (nafta) in kurilno olje
Vrtljivi priklop za preprečevanje zapletanja polnilne cevi za točenje goriva:
Samodejni (avtomatski) izklopni ventil pretoka goriva ob doseženem polnem rezervoarju (tanku):
Zaznavno tipalo (sonda), ki ob stiku z gorivom, samodejno (avtomatsko) prekine pretok goriva skozi točilno pipo in zapre ventil:
Brezstopenjsko uravnavanje pretoka goriva s stiskanjem ročaja:
Tri stopenjsko enoročno nastavljanje moči pretoka goriva na ročaju za samodejno točenje:
Enostaven izklop prednastavljene moči točenja s stiskom ročaja:
Gumiran, profiliran ročaj za udobnejše in bolj varno delo trden oprijem, ter enostavno čiščenje:
Gumirana profilirana prevleka ohišja točilne ročke za udobnješe in bolj varno delo, trden oprijem ter enostavno čiščenje:
Filter goriva v notranjosti ohišja iz robustnega litega jekla točilne pipe:
18 cm točilna cev iz kromiranega nerjavečega jekla za preprečevanje poškodb in enostavno čiščenje:
Utori z zatiči na točilni kromirani cevi za točenje goriva za preprečevanje zdrsa točilne pipe iz vrata rezervoarja (tanka), posode, cisterne iz kromiranega jekla:
Kljuka na spodnji zunanji strani ročaja za enostavno odlaganje ročke na za to prirejeno držalo:

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