Angle grinders

Angle grinders

The angle grinder is one of those products that should not be missing in a workshop or household equipment. The versatility of these devices can prove to be an invaluable aid in cutting, grinding or polishing.

Angle grinder - a convenient, proven design

The offer of our store includes grinders designed to work with discs with a maximum diameter of 125 mm, and one model that works with a maximum disc diameter of 230 mm. All devices have many common design features, for example, they are equipped with modern motors, which are characterized by high efficiency and reliability. Durable gears effectively transfer the drive from the rotor to the working end without damaging the gear, even under heavy load. The housings and vents of the products are designed to dissipate as much heat as possible inside the angle grinder and prevent material from entering the grinder, while maintaining ergonomics and comfort at work.

The range of small angle grinders consists of the 860 W and 950 W models, with a maximum speed of 11,000 rpm and 12,000 rpm. Both models are adapted to work with 125 mm diameter discs and other workpieces equipped with M14 mounting thread (eg steel brush or diamond crowns for drilling holes in stone and hard glaze).

When you eat, your appetite grows - an advanced angle grinder

For more demanding operators, the 1100 W angle grinder with adjustable speed in the range of 3000 - 12000 rpm is an excellent choice. This adjustment is especially useful when working with accessories designed to work at slower speeds, e.g. Diamond discs for polishing stone, where the maximum speed during operation must not exceed 3000 rpm, or e.g. brush disc for removing old coatings from metal surfaces with a maximum rotation speed of 8,500 rpm. According to customer reviews, this angle grinder is very comfortable to use and also versatile. The model is comparable, equipped with electronic speed control. The 2300 W angle grinder, 230 mm, has a slim, elongated handle that can be of great help when grinding or polishing larger surfaces, and the two-hand grip for this type of work will provide greater comfort than small grinders designed for one-handed operation. Due to the ability to work with discs up to 230 mm in diameter, this model is very popular. This device will be used for much heavier work, when cutting thicker materials, e.g. Concrete or stone. It uses a 2400 W motor and a top speed of 6300 rpm . This grinder is also equipped with a soft start system (ie the Soft Start function), which effectively affects work safety and eliminates excessive loads when starting the device.

The intermediate model is an angle grinder with a power of 1200 W with speed regulation, which allows work with a disc with a diameter of 125 mm.

Steel cutting, stone cutting, steel braid cutting - cordless angle grinder for special tasks

Sometimes there is a need for a quick cut, without access to the mains, or it is not worth pulling an extension to make one or more cuts. In these cases, the best solution is a cordless angle grinder. If you could use this battery with other tools, that would be really ideal ... and that goes for all SAS + ALL tools. You drill, cut, saw, all thanks to one battery system. With the purchase of one battery, you will use it for a family of more than 40 power tools, and its offer is constantly expanding. The full range of power tools from the SAS + ALL single battery system can be checked here.

Our store offers two models of cordless angle grinders in lithium-ion technology. Both models of these grinders have the option of attaching a disc with a maximum diameter of 125 mm. The square rechargeable battery has a rotation speed of 9500 rpm and also has the option of locking the switch. The second cordless angle grinder has a blade rotation speed of 8,500 rpm. The handle is longer than in the grinder model, and the switch requires constant pressure, which is more suitable, for example, when using a grinding angle. Both models presented are part of this, it is worth noting that all models of our angle grinders have an additional handle that can be installed in three different planes to achieve an optimal, comfortable position when working with these devices. These products are characterized by a high working culture, durability and reliability, which positively means the end result and a very high usability of products from this family of angulargrinders.

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