Impact drills


Impact drills

The impact drill is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable power tools. It is an indispensable product when we have to do basic household and renovation work. It is used by both domestic enthusiasts and performers, so it is highly valued for its versatility. The lightness of the product and its small size allow the hammer to be suitable for drilling e.g. into metal with very small drill diameters. The design of the jaw chuck used in impact drills allows the use of all drills with a round (cylindrical) or hexagonal chuck.

The best hammer drill for me - how to choose what to look for

When buying, we usually pay attention to the power of the device and make the purchase through the prism of this parameter. Yes, power is important, but remember that each model has additional features that allow us to optimally adapt the product to our needs. One of the basic differences with a drill bit may be the type of chuck used and its size. For example, in our offer you will find Dedra drills with a jaw and a chuck - e.g. model of a hammer drill with a power of 700 W. Due to the use of a chuck with a size of 13 mm it is possible to drill with large diameters. The chuck itself ensures good grip on the drill and reduces the risk of the chuck unscrewing during work. Another solution that you will find in the offer will be a hammer drill with a self-tightening chuck, the power of which is 900W. This clamping head does not require an additional wrench, which facilitates its operation and faster replacement of work tips. The 560 W is a non-impact drill . It is usually used for drilling in metal or wood. It is equipped with a 10 mm chuck. Due to the small size of the device, working in wooden materials or metals will be very pleasant and efficient.

Two-speed impact drill - how is it different from the usual one?

The entire offer we have prepared for you is complemented by two-speed drills. Thanks to the use of two gears, it is possible to better adjust the speed of rotation to a particular part. These drills are characterized by a reinforced housing that protects key components, which affects the life of the device and its proper operation. The power of these devices can also be higher than with single-speed hammers. The best two-speed drill in our offer is undoubtedly a model with a power of 1100 W. This device is equipped with a 13 mm self- locking metal handle. For customers who appreciate a chuck, we recommend a hammer drill with a classic chuck.

Characteristics of a hammer drill

In addition to the specifications, which vary from model to model, there are also common features that each impact drill is equipped with:

  • Operating mode switch - any drill (except for impacts) can change the operating mode, depending on whether you are drilling into hard materials such as concrete - requires hammer drilling and the use of a conventional concrete drill bit, or soft materials or a drill bit, which is not for concrete, e.g. drill bit for tiles, drill bit for glass, wood, metal - drilling with these drill bits must be done with a switch set to the drilling function, but without impact.
  • Left-to-right rotation - a useful feature when drilling, especially in deep holes or drilling. Changing the speed allows you to easily drill a drill from a prepared hole and remove debris that the drill can clamp, which complicates our work and negatively affects the load on the device and thus its service life.
  • Speed control - with this function it is easy to adjust the drilling speed depending on the drill or the material in which you are drilling. While drilling into concrete at full strength, when drilling more sensitive materials such as glass, ceramic, wood, metal, plastic, we will need to set the appropriate drilling speed. The speed can be adjusted with a button on the switch.
  • Continuous switch lock - a very useful feature, especially when drilling holes in succession and holding the switch for a long time would cause discomfort to the user.
  • The type of impact - mechanical - means that we must use compressive force when drilling with the hammer function - only then will drilling with the hammer be effective.
  • Additional handle - each hammer drill is equipped with an additional handle, which makes drilling with a hammer more comfortable and safe.
  • Drilling depth limiter - very useful, especially when drilling thin elements to avoid drilling through, or when installing e.g. Dowels - We will avoid the impact of a dowel falling into a deeper hole.

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