Brushless or traditional motor - what are the differences, what are the advantages of induction motors.

Brushless motors - comparison to brush motors The manufacturers' offer includes twin designs that differ in the type of engine used. What is a brush motor and what are the advantages of a brushless motor? Is a brushless motor more efficient? We will try to answer these and other questions in this post. Before we take a closer look at the...

Priprava vrta za zimo

Preparing the garden for winter

PREPARING THE GARDEN FOR WINTER Autumn in the garden is a special time. It's November already, and autumn still dominates our windows. Some people sit comfortably in their houses, preferring only to watch their garden turn golden. Others decide to roll up their sleeves and prepare their patch of green for the coming winter. We, as avid DIY...

20 odličnih idej za darila - TISTO

20 gift ideas for DIY

We are entering the region It's autumn, when we spend much more time at home. Looking around the house or apartment, we start to notice the desire to change, and the upcoming holidays are a great opportunity to give a DIY enthusiast, our golden hand, a gift that will make this task easier for him. Accordingly, we have compiled a list of gift ideas....

7 nenavadnih idej za darila | TISTO

7 unusual gift ideas for a DIY enthusiast

7 NEOBIČNE DARILNE IDEJE ZA DIY Če ima vaš mojster delavnico, ki kar poka po šivih, in potrebujete idejo za darilo, vam predstavljamo našo ponudbo nenavadnih daril za moža ali očeta, ki si lahko sam naredite. Pokažimo, da skrbimo za svoje mojstre, tako da damo nenavadno darilo, ki bo pomagalo pri njihovem delu. Vabimo vas, da se seznanite z...

Product tips and answers to customer questions - Your hardware store - TISTO

Drill, impact drill, drill - how to choose the right tool

A drill is the basic tool of every DIY enthusiast. The multitude of applications, different types of materials in which to work, different drill chucks generate more and more constructions. Such a wide variety makes it difficult to say which drill will be the best for us. So let's take a look at what's available in the offers: Drill constructions...

Akumulatorske žage - vprašanja in odgovori za SAS + orodja

Cordless saws - questions and answers for a SAS + ALL single battery system

Customer's question: Hello, is the DEDRA SAS + ALL DED7195V model, due to the fact that it is powered by two batteries, more powerful than the DEDRA SAS + ALL DED7095ML model, or does the double number of batteries only increase the working time? Greetings! The DED7195V cordless chainsaw is a device powered by two batteries, thanks to which it...

Ali je možna uporaba SAS + verižne žage DED7096 brez prednjega podaljška? - TISTO

Is it possible to use SAS + ALL DED7096 chain saw without an extension?

Is it possible to use a chain saw from the Dedra SAS + ALL DED7096 system without extension? Unfortunately, it is not possible to work with the working tip only without overhang. However, you can adjust the length of the overhang both when using the device as a hedge trimmer or a wood saw. The maximum throat lengths are 300 cm for a hedge trimmer...

Zamenjajte sami kolesa na avtomobilu - TISTO

Self-changing the wheels on the car

Mid-November is a good time to perform the seasonal tire change for winter tires. The decreasing temperature and local morning frosts may surprise you on your way to work. If you like to DIY or have never done it, and you would like to try it, everything will go smoothly and quickly with our post. All those who do not have the second set of wheels will...