Water installations

March 15, 2024

Water installation system includes a hot and cold domestic water installation system based on pipes and fittings in 14-75mm diameters. Designed for every type of buildings, based on  PERT press fitting system.

PERT pipes and fittings are also recommended for water installations. The main reason for that is the hygienic aspect of PERT material, which remains completely neutral in relation with domestic water. The second advantage is the smoothness of inner surface, both in pipes and in brass fittings, which significantly reduces the risk of forming an advantageous environment for microbes and other micro-organisms.  

Key advantages of PERT domestic water installations:
  • durability estimated lifespan of min. 50 years
  • energy - saving due to low pressure losses and low thermal conductivity
  • flexibility with no shape remembrance multilayer pipes are more flexible than any other known pipes and can be bent without any supports. Bending radius is on the level 4-5 x Dn
  • thermal stability (0.025mm/mK) very low thermal expansion coefficient (0.025mm/mK), is comparable with values characteristic for steel or copper pipes
  • total impermeability of connections
  • possibility of making connections with any other type of pipe by using threaded couplings
  • low weight
  • resistance to oxygen diffusion

Types of installations

Bottom distribution arrangements

An arrangement powered from the water supply network, usually placed in the cellar. Such arrangement is based on the horizontal distribution lines mounted below the ceiling of the lowest floor handled by the system's operation. Those horizontal distribution lines supply the water to each vertical supply chains, from where it's further distributed to individual draw points.

Top distribution arrangements

They differ from bottom distribution arrangements only in placement of water supply, which is located above supplied storeys. In such case, the water is usually refilled at night straight from the water supply network.

On separate floors, the water is distributed in tee based arrangement which has following advantages:

  • supply of several draw points with single branch,
  • minimized number of pipes,
  • usage of mixing faucet with single supply.

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