Wood sanders

Wood sanders

A wood sander is a device that is irreplaceable in the manufacture or renovation of furniture, ornaments or other wooden or wood-like elements. They have proven useful in removing old paint coatings, as well as in reducing the thickness of elements until final sanding, making surfaces smooth.

Wide range of wood sanders

You will find an interesting range of hand sanders for wood in the company's offer. Special mention should be made of grinders, which perform sliding movements with the working foot (so-called oscillation) with sandpaper. The circular delta wood sander performs 13,500 oscillating movements per minute. Complete with this sander you will find 12 pieces of triangular sandpaper with different gradations. Another model we recommend is the oscillating wood sander with a rectangular working foot . The wood sander has an adjustable oscillation frequency from 6,000 to 13,000 / min and a material discharge system. The set includes 1 piece of sandpaper. These grinders are mainly used for grinding small or delicate parts and finishing works.

Another model of wood sander that customers appreciate is the eccentric sander . A characteristic element of this grinder is a disk mounted on an eccentric, which, in addition to oscillating motions, rotates around an axis. This sander can be used effectively on medium and medium sized surfaces. The sanding disc has holes for easier removal of more material. The set includes 6 sanding sheets with different gradations.

The company also offers sanding belt and multi-purpose tools. The model is a 920 W sanding belt, a so-called container for rough sanding of larger surfaces. Adjustable belt speed in the range from 150 to 270 m / min enables fast and efficient work. The endless sanding belt works more aggressively than sanding sheets mounted on orbital and eccentric sanding machines, but it can be adjusted by selecting the appropriate gradation. By selecting an endless abrasive belt with the largest grain e.g. Thickness 40 , we can quickly remove deep scratches and even small flaws in the material we are processing. Through stages, up to 120 gradation paper, the surface will be prepared for processing with orbital or eccentric grinders. Because wood sanders have a material removal system, the treated surface is more visible and the work more efficient. The material that remains under the working foot reduces the speed of work, so the user must perform additional activities and change the grinding wheels more often. Save time for further projects thanks to thoughtful designs.

The ideal accessory for carrying various small towns at home is the powerful 250 W multi-purpose tool . It is designed for both grinding and cutting with high precision. Thanks to the use of a suitable tip, you can cut square holes, cut out elements from different materials - including metal or ceramic. The tool is equipped with five working attachments: a saw blade for metal, a saw blade for wood, a disc for ceramics, a semicircular disc for wood and a scraper for removing paint. There is also a spare head for attaching the triangular sandpaper for attaching the triangular sandpaper.

Cordless wood sander - high performance - high mobility

Sometimes you need to grind something quickly in a place where we don’t have access to electricity. Wireless orbital grinders and random orbit grinders are very common. You can do the work outside the home or in a workshop, for example in a garden or a remote location, without having to worry about dusting.

Together with the development of battery power technology, our company has introduced devices from the single battery system SAS + ALL , random orbital grinders and a multi-purpose tool that you can take with you anywhere.

The cordless eccentric sander, which we recommend in our shop with a working diameter of 125 mm, enables fast sanding of the surface. Thanks to the dust removal holes, dust is effectively removed under the working foot, which ensures work efficiency. The approximate operating time of a 2.0 Ah battery is 22 minutes , and when using a 4.0 Ah battery, 52 minutes . Sensational result. We also offer a battery with a capacity of 5.0 Ah .

Another device to mention is the wireless delta grinder . Its triangular head allows it to reach places not accessible to grindersikom, for example corners. The high oscillation frequency (12,000 cycles / min) ensures efficient grinding of the workpiece, and the available sanding sheets of class 40 to 180 enable a complete surface treatment.

Everyone who watched MacGyver was envious of his ingenuity and ability to create tools from scratch. In this regard, we cannot help but offer something equally brilliant. The cordless multi-purpose tool is something like a Swiss Army knife. But will you make a square hole or cut ceramic with a pocket knife in a matter of seconds? We doubt and are convinced of the benefits of a multifunction device. Thanks to the many nozzles and the tool-free exchange system, working with this device is quite a pleasure. Especially in hard to reach places. Thanks to the high oscillation frequency (11,000-21,000 cycles / min), you can also quickly work on hard materials such as ceramics or metal.

As a home hobby enthusiast, choose the SAS + ALL tool - the devices are always ready to work, and the possibility of using a battery with another type of tool is irreplaceable. With the purchase of one battery, you can power more than 40 devices from SAS + ALL, from drills and drivers, angle grinders, color aggregates to leaf blowers and mowers.

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