Sanders for walls and concrete


Sander for walls and concrete

Our offer includes a wide range of power tools for sanding and smoothing gypsum and concrete surfaces . The equipment offered by our company will certainly improve the entire process of processing the mentioned materials, and the work performed will be fast, efficient and accurate.

Individual devices from our offer differ in many parameters, which significantly simplifies the choice of equipment for the customer. Thanks to this, you can find devices that are tailored to the expectations and needs of a particular final project. Depending on your wishes, the desired wall grinding giraffe can have different strength, weight, length, as well as the shape of the grinding head or its diameter. The grinding disc for grinding walls used to work with gypsum grinding machines is made of aluminum oxide , and for grinding concrete we offer diamond discs of appropriate shapes and diameters. Thanks to the varied offer, you can order all the necessary items in one place.

Which gypsum sander to choose?

Each of the wall sanding machines we offer is distinguished by high quality workmanship and appropriately selected power for the intended purpose, thanks to which it enables high work efficiency in sanding walls and thus saves your energy and time. All devices are characterized by an optimally balanced size and weight, which on the one hand ensures the possibility of using grinders in all conditions, and on the other hand comfort during multi-day work, which consists of sanding plaster or concrete surfaces.
The basic difference between gypsum grinding machines is the division into manual or short grinders and extensions, so-called gypsum giraffes . Short grinders grind walls and surfaces very well at the height of the operator's hands, in small areas and in hard-to-reach places, where, for example, various elements protrude from the walls, such as electrical sockets, pipes, light switches. The light weight of the device and its mobility definitely make the work easier and provide comfort of use . Cantilever grinders will be used to grind large homogeneous surfaces, ceilings or high walls, where working with a short grinder could be tedious and inefficient. Thanks to the use of the arm length setting, it is possible to adjust the length of the grinder to the treated surface, taking into account the user's comfort at work.

Because each grinder has different properties and parameters, we have considered customer feedback as the main factor to help you choose our products according to your needs, which we need to pay special attention to when buying this type of product. Among the key advantages of our offer (which differs depending on the specific model of the device), the most frequently emphasized are:

  • possibility of connecting the vacuum cleaner to the grinder,
  • the possibility of adjusting the speed of rotation, which is available to all models of plaster grinders,
  • possibility to adjust the length of the device,
  • some sanding machines have a lamp or strip with LEDs, which facilitates work in hard-to-reach places and perfectly illuminates the remaining irregularities of the floor surfaces,
  • extensive accessories included in the set of grinding machines, including, for example, additional grinding wheels, gypsum dust bags, suction pipes or sets of spare electro-graphite brushes,
  • excellent price-quality ratio,
  • relatively light weight, providing comfort during long hours of use.

Our wall grinders are perfect for all conditions

A particularly interesting offer of products from our offer can be, for example, the DEDRA DED7758 plaster sanding machine equipped with many functions that significantly optimize the efficiency of restoration work. This device has 710 W of power and is also available in a bracket version that allows the user to adjust the arm length in the range of 115 cm to 165 cm. When it comes to the additional benefits that are characteristic of the said grinding machine, customer opinions are an excellent source of quality certification. This equipment is appreciated by consumers as well as people working in the construction industry with long-term reliability requirements, regardless of frequency or intensity of operation, and for a speed control function that allows its operating parameters to be quickly adjusted to current floor surface requirements.

The wall plaster giraffe DEDRA 7758 is a great solution for another additional reason. The standard equipment of the product, in addition to the usual round head, also includes a triangular attachment. Thanks to the triangular attachment, the sander will be ideal for basic activities as well as for processing corners and wall edges . Existing users also appreciate the other included equipment, ki In addition to the two different heads already mentioned, it also includes a four-meter dust extraction hose and several basic sanding discs, as well as triangular sanding papers with different gradations. A big advantage is also a dedicated transport bag, which makes storing and transporting the device even easier .

A particularly interesting proposal is the model of the DEDRA DED 7764 short wall dryer for dry walls. It is characterized by a smaller diameter of the disc than longitudinal grinders (180 mm) and a very low weight of the device, which is 3.1 kg. The main advantages of the DED7764 wall sander include a built-in gypsum dust suction turbine when grinding the disc and dust extraction using a suction hose stored in a dedicated dust bag . This solution allows you to work with this device without connecting an external vacuum cleaner. Customers who have used this model of wall sander during work also state that the LED light, which is an integral part of the sanding disc, perfectly illuminates the treated work surface, which greatly facilitates achieving the perfect effect during sanding and improves work comfort.

So if you are looking for professional and multi-purpose machines for the treatment of gypsum or concrete surfaces, wall grinders from our offer are products that will perfectly meet your expectations. We kindly invite you to read the detailed information about the presented offer.