Cordless saws - questions and answers for a SAS + ALL single battery system

April 11, 2024
Akumulatorske žage - vprašanja in odgovori za SAS + orodja

Customer's question: Hello, is the DEDRA SAS + ALL DED7195V model, due to the fact that it is powered by two batteries, more powerful than the DEDRA SAS + ALL DED7095ML model, or does the double number of batteries only increase the working time? Greetings!

The DED7195V cordless chainsaw is a device powered by two batteries, thanks to which it is possible to use a 40 cm long guide. This translates into the ability to cut much larger elements than in the case of the cordless chainsaw powered by one DED7095ML battery (guide bar with a maximum cut of 20 cm).

Additionally, in the DED7195V model, the groove width in the guide bar is 1.3 mm, and in the case of the DED7095ML, the groove width is 1.1 mm. The wider groove translates into greater resistance while cutting and the width of the so-called "Kerf". Power supply from two batteries allows for smooth, effective cutting of elements with which the DED7095ML wood chainsaw would have a problem.

The DED7195V cordless chainsaw model uses a brushless motor different from the DED7095ML model, which translates into greater efficiency of the device and a longer service life, as well as maintenance-free (no wear and maintenance parts).

The higher efficiency of the DED7195V chainsaw is also due to the fact that the motor operates at 36V , and not as in the DED7095ML model where the motor works at 18V. Of course, this does not mean that we cannot use standard batteries from the DEDRA SAS + ALL system for the DED7195V saw, but we must use two batteries at the same time. If only one battery is used in this model, this model will not work. In addition, we recommend using batteries with the same capacity and degree of charge , because the batteries will discharge evenly. If we use two batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah and the other 5 Ah to work with the DED7195V model, then the saw will work, but until the battery with a lower capacity is discharged, the second battery will not be discharged at that time. The same situation will be if we use two batteries with the same capacity, but with a different degree of charge / discharge, we will be able to work with the chain saw until one battery is discharged, while the other will not be completely discharged.

Taking into account all these differences and solutions that were used in the saw with the DED7195V model, we can clearly state that the 36V DED7195V cordless chainsaw is a device much more powerful than the DED7095ML saw and is intended for more intensive work and cutting elements with diameters that the DED7095ML certainly has. he can't.