Submersible drainage sump pump 400 W 3900 L / h 26 m 95 mm

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- Minimum bore diameter for inserting a submersible pump 100 mm

- Connection pressure pipe connection diameter 25 mm (1 inch)

- Diameter of the submersible pump 95 mm

- pumping speed 65 liters per minute

- High quality

- Power 400 W

Description of submersible drainage sump pump 400 W 3900 L / h 26 m 95 mm

With a submersible pipe pump, water from 26 meters deep wells can be pumped and poured.

When inserting an electric submersible pump into a borehole, it must also be taken into account that the actual diameter of the electric submersible pump casing is only about 95 mm, which means that it can be inserted into boreholes or openings with a diameter of 100 mm.

When switched on, the electric submersible pump will fill the pressure pipe with liquid and start pumping the liquid into the provided container or pipe system.

The electric submersible drainage sump pump can be connected to 230 V 50 Hz voltage. The motor power of the submersible drainage sump pump is 400 W. The electric motor lifts the liquid by 26 meters of height difference. .

To connect the inlet suction pipe, the submersible submersible drainage sump pump has an internal nominal thread Ø 25 mm in diameter (1 inch - 1 "- 1 inch), according to DIN 2440: 1978-06. with an external thread for screwing on the submersible drainage sump pump on one side and a ribbed relief for a firmer connection to the pressure or suction pipe with a clamp on the other side.The maximum fluid flow rate of the submersible drainage sump pump is 65 liters per minute.

The electric submersible drainage sump pump is suitable for pumping clean water from wells up to 26 meters deep. The fluid can be pumped from deep wells, wells and cisterns, and free-standing tanks. Submersible drainage sump pump suitable for operation in hydrophore systems. At the beginning of pumping the liquid, watering the suction pipe is not required. Lubrication of the submersible pump is not required. The electric motor of the submersible pump is sealed. This means that water intrusion into the electric motor of the submersible pump is completely prevented.

The robust submersible drainage sump pump is manufactured in accordance with the European recognized standard (certificate) CE.

Real estate: Submersible drainage sump pump 400 W 3900 L / h 26 m 95 mm

Vrsta pogona:
Električni motor (230 V enofazni izmenična električna napetost AC)
400 W
11,06 kg
12 mesecev
Električni tok:
3 A
Največji dvig tekočine (višinska razlika):
26 m
Število vrtljajev / obratov električnega motorja na minuto:
2800 vrtljajev (obratov) na minuto
3900 l/h
Premer potopne cevne črpalke:
Ø 95 mm
Dvig tekočine (višinska razlika):
26 m
Premer priklopa izstopne tlačne cevi na električni cevni potopni črpalki:
Imenski premer Ø 25 mm (1 cola - 1" - 1 palec), po standardu DIN 2440:1978-06;
Priklop cevi:
25 Ø mm (1 cola - 1" - 1 1/2 palec)
Premer zunanjega ohišja električne potopne cevne črpalke:
Ø 95 mm
Potreben premer vrtine za vstavitev električne cevne potopne pumpe:
Ø 100 mm
Pretok količine tekočine (največja hitrost črpanja) :
65 litrov na minuto
Iz globinskih vrtin, vodnjakov in cistern ter prostostoječih rezervoarjev
Ni potrebno
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Neprodušna zaprtost električnega motorja potopne cevne črpalke za črpanje iz vrtin:
Dodaten priklop z zunanjim navojem za privitje na potopno cevno črpalko na eni strani in rebrastim reliefom za trdnejši priklop na tlačno ali sesalno cev z objemko na drugi strani priklopa:
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