Battery charger and starter 12 V 24 V 200 A

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- Maximum starting current of the internal combustion engine 200 A (12 V and 24 V)

- Equipped with wheels and two large handles for easy transport

- Maximum battery charging current 45 A (12 V and 24 V)

- Possibility of charging batteries and starting vehicles

- Digital display with ammeter

- Possibility to adjust the charging power

- Fast and normal charging

Description of battery charger and starter 12 V 24 V 200 A

With a battery charger and starter, we can charge batteries with a capacity of 20 to 400 Ah and, despite a completely discharged battery, help us start personal, combined and light trucks that have a built-in diesel or gasoline engine (unit) with internal combustion. The battery starter and charger allows you to charge 12 and 24 volt batteries (accumulators) with a maximum charging current of 45 amps for 12 and 24 volt batteries. Fast or slow charging can be set via the switch. The battery starter and charger in vehicle start mode, delivers 200 amps of electric current at 12 and 24 volt electrical systems. The battery charger and starter has a built-in 2 x 50 amp fuse.

The rechargeable charger and starter are particularly pronounced on cold winter days, when due to lower temperatures, the capacity of the batteries decreases. This can lead to the inability of the vehicle or machine with the engine to be ignited by an internal combustion engine. Similarly, a battery starter and charger solves drivers' problems in cases where electrical consumers (radio, lights, etc.) are switched on in switched off vehicles, which in turn over-discharges the battery, which is then easily and quickly charged by the battery charger and starter. For the initial start of the engine, take care of the possibility of starting the internal combustion engine in the battery starter and charger.

Charging monitoring on the battery charger and starter can be easily detected via a built-in analog display with a built-in ammeter.

The 167 cm negative (black) and 167 cm positive (red) connection cables ensure that the battery charger and starter are connected to a battery or other 12 V or 24 V DC electrical system.

The battery charger and starter is easy to use and carry. The large rubber handle and small size ensure easy transfer of the battery charger and starter. The robust housing of the portable battery charger has four legs for reliable and firm placement of the battery charger and starter on the ground.

Filling of cross-country trains and start-up of passenger cars, vans and light commercial vehicles with a diesel or petrol engine (unit) with internal combustion
230 V 50 Hz AC AC voltage
Charging and starting voltage
12 V to 24 V
Maximum output current at 12 V charging
45 A
Maximum output current at 24 V charging
45 A
Maximum output current at 12 V start-up
200 A
Maximum output current at 24 V start-up
200 A
The capacity of the cross which can be recharged
From 20 Ah to 400 Ah
2 x 50 amps
Possibility to start vehicles or internal combustion engines with a completely discharged battery
Length of two connecting cables for connection to a battery or other electrical system 12 V or 24 V DC
167 cm
Length of electrical connection cable for battery connection Charger and start on 230 V mains
173 cm
Possibility of fast and slow charging
Temperature switch for automatic shutdown of charger and starter batteries in case of overheating
Easy to use
Large rubberized handle for easy transfer of starter and charger
Four legs on the Battery Charger and Starter housing for a secure and solid base
Small size of stimulator charger in Anlasser for easy carrying
Analogue display with built-in ammeter for charging monitoring
Electric motor (230 V / 50 Hz single-phase alternating voltage AC)
10,3 kg
12 mesecev
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