Motor drill [CLONE]

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Why buy a ground drill?

Because the motor drill is designed for precision drilling in soft and fairly hard ground.

Because the ground drill has a powerful and robust 2.24 horsepower two-stroke gasoline engine.

Because the 200 mm / 150 mm / 100 mm drill is built of steel and guarantees high stability and strength.

Because the earth drill will greatly facilitate and shorten our work in fruit growing, viticulture, forestry, when planting various seedlings of fruit or other trees, vines, various ornamental shrubs such as cypress, in the manufacture of fences and fences, where we have to plant poles, wheels, drilling holes for foundations.

Because the ground drill has a built-in anti-vibration system, which works on the principle of a frame that is not attached directly to the motor. This system, in conjunction with multifunctional profiled handles, greatly facilitates several hours of hard work.

    Technical details: Motor drill [CLONE]

    12 mesecev
    Two-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled OHV petrol engine
    Engine displacement:
    49 ccm
    Unleaded petrol (mixing ratio of two-stroke oil with unleaded petrol 1:25)
    Maximum engine idle speed:
    3000 rpm
    Easy to use - manual, pull-pull
    Ratio between engine speed and drill speed:
    34: 1
    Drill diameters suitable for use on the engine shown:
    100 mm / 150 mm / 200 mm
    Sound pressure level:
    99 dB (A)
    Noise level:
    110 dB (A)
    Drill diameters included in the package:
    200 mm, 150 mm and 100 mm
    Maximum depth of the hole drilled by the 200 mm drill bit:
    760 mm
    Material from which the 200 mm drill is built:
    Highly resistant steel
    Dimensions of the motor without drill:
    640 x 430 x 340 mm
    Measures 200 mm drill bit:
    920 x 210 x 210 mm
    Engine weight without drill:
    9.4 kg
    Weight 200 mm drill bit:
    4.3 kg
    Total weight:
    13.7 kg
    Multifunctional right handle with lock in combination with left profiled ergonomically designed handle:
    Anti-vibration system:
    Container for easy mixing of unleaded fuel and two-stroke oil in a ratio of 1:25:
    Tool set for maintenance and assembly of a motor drill:

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