Set components
  1.  Easy to install and use four-way thermostatic valve -  30-60 deg C adjustment range
  2.  Simple and efficient circulation pump (Hmax-3,8m h20, Qmax=3,5m3/h)
  3.  Control thermometer
  4.  Manual vent
  5.  FN5C manifold
       Advantages of the solution
  • Ideal for mixed heating systems (radiators combined with surface heating)
  • Small width of 120 mm, ability to rotate the pump
  • Ability to connect from the left or right side
  • User-friendly O-ring G1 connection
  • Possibility of cooperation with the Tweetop automation system and manifold
  • FN5C series manifold
  • Pump bypass security circuit available
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  • 410
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