School stereo microscope - magnifying glass

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- LED pattern illumination

- Wide field of view eyepiece with WF10x magnification

- 2x zoom lens

- Macrometer screw to move the lens up and down to focus the image

- 20x magnification

Description of the school stereo microscope - magnifier

School stereo microscope - a magnifying glass is a microscope suitable for beginners. As a gift, the stereo microscope is very suitable for young people whose parents want to arouse curiosity after research and early learning. Also, the learning stereo microscope can be used in sciences such as biology, botany, education, philately (collection and study of postage and tax stamps) and entomology (study of insects and other arthropods).

The magnifier has a built-in lens on which a double-magnification lens is mounted. In conjunction with the added interchangeable eyepieces with 10x magnification, the observed objects can be observed during microscopy with 20x magnification.

Unscrewing and replacing an individual eyepiece is easy.

Adjusting the sharpness while observing an object, under high magnifications, is done with two large macrometer screws with which we move the tube under which the observed object is on the table exactly up and down. The microscope table has two self-adjusting holding grips for holding the slide. Appropriate illumination of the observed object is prepared by the LED illumination of the sample.

The school stereo magnifier has built-in anti-slip feet and a durable base (Microscopic foot) for its reliable, calm and firm placement on the ground.


Technical details: School stereo microscope - magnifying glass

Vrsta pogona:
230 V, 50 Hz enofazna izmenična električna napetost AC
12 mesecev
Microscope type:
Magnifying glass
Maximum magnification:
The smallest magnification:
Biology, botany, education, philately, entomology
Quality management system (Standards, Certificates):
Height-adjustable microscope tube for precise distance and zoom of the observed lens to the eyepiece of the microscope:
Adjust the coarse adjustment of the tube with the macrometer screw up and down to adjust the sharpness of the observation of the samples under magnification:
Illumination of the sample by microscopy:
LED lighting
Two self-adjusting retaining grips on the microscope table to hold the slide:
Anti-slip feet and durable base (Microscopic foot) of the learning microscope for reliable and firm placement of the learning microscope on the base:

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