Vakumska črpalka 85 L/min 185 W enostopenjska

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Flow113 l/min Number of pumping stagesOne-stage

Vacuum pump 85 L / min 185 W single stage

The vacuum pump with a power of 185 W and a flow rate of 85 l / min is suitable for maintaining the air conditioner by removing moisture and air from the system. In addition, it is used for the maintenance of vehicle cooling systems, in vacuum packaging, gas analysis, in industry, etc.

It works for a long time with low noise and high efficiency. It is distinguished by a well-designed refrigerator, anti-overflow system, oil window, etc.

The four legs are rubber, resistant to shocks and wear, and increase stability.

This vacuum pump has a counterflow system that prevents backflow of oil and contamination of the container or pipe. The solenoid valve can automatically cut off the power supply in the event of a fault. The pump has a window where you can directly monitor the oil level and oil quality. The oil drain valve at the bottom of the oil tank allows the tank to be emptied.

The built-in high-performance fan ensures longer use of the device. The mesh-shaped window is used for fast heat dissipation and for effective protection of the machine. This pump is easy to carry with a practical handle that is lined with rubber and is non-slip.

Technical details: Vakum pumpa 85 L/min 185 W enostopenjska

Electric motor (230 V / 50 Hz single-phase alternating voltage AC)
185 W
Mere paketa:
235 x 108 x 215 mm
12 mesecev
113 l/min
Number of pumping stages:
Number of turns:
1720 rpm
5 Pa
The amount of oil:
220 ml
Electric motor cooling:
Oil pan:

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