Wall grinder with vacuum cleaner 750 W

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General description of a wall grinder with a vacuum cleaner

With a wall sander with a vacuum cleaner, it is possible to smooth and polish walls, ceilings and floors before bleaching up to four times faster than with manual sanding. After sanding, the wall, ceiling or floor will be completely smoothed, which will not leave scratches, holes, scratches, lumps and other unevenness or irregularities later after bleaching. The walls, ceilings and floors will be perfectly flat. It is also possible to remove old coatings of wall paint with a wall sander.

The wall grinder is powered by a powerful 750 W electric motor, which also drives a vacuum cleaner as standard. The built-in vacuum cleaner ensures a clean working environment and a clear view of the treated surface. When inhaled directly, you will no longer inhale unpleasant dust, which is dangerous for your respiratory system. Connect the wall sander to the enclosed suction bag via the built-in suction hose system and the 3.7 m long flexible suction hose included in the kit. This continuously stores the extracted unpleasant dust, which is released during grinding. Through the large opening, the suction bag can be emptied quickly and then reused.

With a large handle, the wall grinder is extremely easy to operate. Due to its light weight, you will smooth 10 rooms and more without much effort. You will not need any ladders or scaffolding when smoothing the walls, as you will reach all corners of the ceiling with the 1800 mm long wall sander.

The wall sander can be stretched and shrunk as desired during work. For easier transport, it can be shrunk and folded to a length of 1350 mm, and for smoothing high ceilings, it can be stretched up to 1800 mm. When the wall sander is stretched or shrunk, any extended position can be maintained with a lock.

For better balance and greater control at work, the wall sander has a large additional movable handle.

The flexible sanding head of the wall sander allows better smoothing of all walls from floor to ceiling without the need to change position.

The wall sander has a sanding paper mounted with the help of a self-adhesive hedgehog, which effectively prevents the sanding paper from falling out of the sanding head during smoothing.

You can adjust the smoothing speed of the surfaces with the 5-step wheel (1 to 5) on the handle of the wall sander.

In addition to the wall sander, the kit also includes two different connections for connecting the suction hose to the suction device or suction bag, six sanding papers with a diameter of Ø 225 mm and different grains (80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 240), assembly tools and maintenance of a wall sander, a reusable suction bag and a convenient case for storing a wall sander with a vacuum cleaner and associated accessories.

The wall grinder has a built-in grinding head (grinding disc), Ø 225 mm in diameter, which rotates at a speed of 1000 to 2100 rpm.

The wall sander is connected to the mains via an electric cable

Technical details: Wall grinder with vacuum cleaner 750 W

750 W
Hitrost vrtenja brusilne glave:
Od 1000 do 2100 obratov/min
Vrsta pogona:
Električni motor (230 V enofazni izmenična električna napetost AC)
750 W
4,2 kg
12 mesecev
Teža stenskega brusilnika:
4,2 kg
Število stopenj hitrosti glajenja:
Dolžina gibljive cevi za priključitev na sesalno vrečo:
Premer diska za glajenje:
Ø 225 mm
Dolžina brusilnika za stene (ŽIRAFE):
1800 mm
Dolžina skrčenega brusilnika za stene (ŽIRAFE):
1350 mm
Dolžina iztegnjenega brusilnika za stene (ŽIRAFE):
1800 mm
Skupna teža brusilnika za stene (ŽIRAFE) in ostalih dodatkov:
4,2 kg
Dolžina električnega priključnega kabla:
3,7 m
Število različnih priključkov za priključitev na sesalno napravo:
Število okroglih samolepilnih brusnih papirjev različnih zrnatosti, ki so vključeni v komplet:
Zrnatost brusnih papirjev, ki so vključeni v komplet:
80 - 100 - 120 - 150 - 180 - 240
Način pritrjevanja brusnega papirja:
Z ježkom
Zaščitni razred:
Gibljiva brusilna glava za boljše glajenje vseh sten od tal do stropa, ne da bi bilo potrebno spreminajti položaj:
Vgrajeni sesalnik:
Ponovno uporabljiva odsesovalna vreča z odprtino za enostavno praznenje in čiščenje:
Vdelane izvrtine v gladilni brusilni glavi in brusnem papirju za učinkovitejše prisesanje stenskega brusilnika na obdelovano površino:
Vdelane izvrtine v gladilni brusilni glavi in brusnem papirju za učinkovitejše odsesovanje prahu:
Vgrajeni cevni sistem za odsesavanje:
Možnost teleskopske razširitve brusilnika za stene (ŽIRAFE):
Zbiralna vreča za prah:
Zaklep ob razširitvi ali skrčenju stenskega brusilnika:
Možnost spreminjanja hitrosti glajenja:
Dodatne izvrtine v gladilni brusilni glavi za odsesavanje prahu:
Orodje za sestavljanje in vzdrževanje stenskega brusilnika:
Priročen kovček za shranjevanje stenskega brusilnika in pripadujočih dodatkov:
Velik ročaj:
Velik dodatni premični ročaj za boljši nadzor in boljše ravnotežje:
Dodatni karbonski krtački za električni motor stenskega brusilnika:
On / Off stikalo:

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