Far Infrared Carbon Wall Hung Heating Panel Electric Film Heater 230V 430W

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Image typeMountain Village (Hallstatt)

Far wall-hung film electrical heating panel for home use

Infrared panels provide efficient space heating. Their installation is extremely simple because we simply hang them on the wall like a picture and connect them to a 230 V 50 Hz network.

The foil panels of wall heaters heat up in an area of infrared radiation similar to the sun or fireplaces. The air in the room heats up to lower temperatures than in the case of conventional heating because the IR panels mainly heat objects and human bodies. Infrared heaters provide a pleasant feeling of warmth. A single infrared heater installed in a well-insulated building is enough to heat a room with an area of 12m2. In larger rooms, we can install several wall foil heaters. In doing this, we need to ensure proper distribution throughout the room. A temperature of about 21° C achieved by heating with the IR panel has a similar feel to a temperature of about 25° C in the hot combustion air heating mode. For heating or reheating rooms, we use wall-mounted electric heaters in the form of a picture.

Characteristics of infrared heaters:

- long life (60,000 hours and more)

- environmentally friendly natural materials

- suitable for heating smaller rooms

- IR panels emit long waves in the range of infrared radiation (wavelength 6-20 μm)

- quick installation on the wall

- space-to-space portability

- beneficial effect on humans (similar to sunlight)

- do not consume oxygen in the room

- do not cause air movement, such as radiator heating

- IR heating does not cause breathing problems

- easy two-stage power adjustment of the IR heater using a wired remote control attached to the connecting electric wire (electric cable)

- decorative effect as they act as a picture or poster on the wall

- savings in electricity consumption as they are more efficient than electric heaters

- suitable for apartments, weekends, caravans, houses

- Start work immediately after switching on

- The IR panels weigh approximately 1 kg and can be folded up after use and stored in a small space

- made of impact-resistant material

- they are very thin and allow immediate operation when turned on

- different themes

Technical details: Far Infrared Carbon Wall Hung Heating Panel Electric Film Heater 230V 430W

Image type:
Mountain Village (Hallstatt)
102 cm x 57 cm
Surface heating:
12 m²
Two levels of heating power:
Two levels of heating power
Wired two-stage remote control of heating power and heating shut-off:
Wired two-stage remote control of heating power and heating shut-off
230 V, 50 Hz single-phase AC electrical voltage
430 W
1 kg
12 months

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