20 gift ideas for DIY

20 odličnih idej za darila - TISTO

We are entering the region It's autumn, when we spend much more time at home. Looking around the house or apartment, we start to notice the desire to change, and the upcoming holidays are a great opportunity to give a DIY enthusiast, our golden hand, a gift that will make this task easier for him. Accordingly, we have compiled a list of gift ideas. You will find in it a gift idea for a DIY father or boyfriend, but we also found a proposal for ladies with an artistic soul.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our proposals.


Drill driver Angle grinder Socket set Socket set Pressure washer
Hand-held circular saw Cordless lamp Hedge trimmer DEPM010 rectifier Workshop vacuum cleaner
Hammer drill HVLP painting unit Cutting disc 32pcs bit set Magnetic band
Set of drill bits and bits Set of CrV wrenches Ratchet and sockets Set of screwdrivers Locksmith vise
Glue gun Fitter's bag Workbench Protective gloves Softshell jacket
Work trousers Modular toolboxes Adapter / Powerbank

Cordless drill driver with impact DED7042

The basic tool of every DIY enthusiast. Those who do not use them or have not had the opportunity to check how well the tool works or remember the times of the first cordless power tools. If your drill / driver goes faste unloads, cannot cope with drilling holes, and the wood screws do not budge - it is high time to change the device. The DEDRA DED7042 cordless drill driver is an excellent choice due to its very good price-quality ratio. It is a cordless hammer drill, which allows effective drilling even in concrete. The self-clamping metal handle holds the drill bit firmly and allows for a quick change of tips. From bits, wood, metal, concrete drill bits to step drills and even drill brushes. The wide range of applications makes the impact screwdriver a comprehensive tool that should be found in every DIY enthusiast.

Thanks to the DEDRA SAS + ALL single battery system, once you buy a battery and a charger, you can use them to power all devices in this series. A truly practical gift idea for a man. And the next time you look for inspiration, check out the new products in this family of tools.

DEDRA DED7050 cordless angle grinder

The second thing that a real DIY enthusiast should not miss is the angle grinder. This simple device allows grinding and cutting materials with appropriate discs. A great thing and even more practical, because it is rechargeable. Compact designs have a spindle size of 22.2mm.

With the use of diamond hole saws for the M14 thread, it is possible to use an angle grinder to cut holes in, for example, ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. The perfect tool for bathroom renovation, when you need to cut the tile quickly. Especially when you don't need to connect the cable, plug in the battery and you're ready to go with the cordless angle grinder. By mounting the multi-material disc HR1002 you can quickly cut plastic pipes, boards, plywood etc.

A perfect tool for a home garage or workshop. The DED7050 cordless angle grinder belongs to the SAS + ALL family - the same battery can be used in other power tools. A great gift idea for a man. You can hand over the other elements of this family on subsequent occasions without worrying whether the battery will fit :)

Hillen & Mohr 17K046 socket wrench set

Autumn is the run-up to Christmas. Many of us are in doubt as to what gift to give to the closest person. What gift for a boyfriend , and if we choose tools, what set of keys will be the best? We know that the number of offers, models and equipment can lead to a headache. If you are a DIY beginner or need a handy gift idea for a DIY enthusiast, we recommend a compact set of socket wrenches such as Hillen & Mohr 17K046. It includes a ratchet, extensions and a set of sockets. An excellent set of socket wrenches up to PLN 100 , and a 25-year warranty ensures the quality of workmanship.

What set of car keys?

For real workshop "specialists" who require something more than a basic set of wrenches, we offer an extensive set of Hillen & Mohr 17K094 socket wrenches . This 94-piece set will satisfy picky DIY enthusiasts. If you are wondering what gift for a DIY dad , this set of socket wrenches will be perfect. Two ratchets, 31 sockets, hexagon socket wrenches, a T-handle and much more - a true portable tool cart. an excellent choice for a home workshop, work studio or for work on a car.

-socket-wrenches-Hillen-Mohr-17K094-CrV-94-pcs-18x1-2-13x1-4-22854_1.jpg? 1613689613769 "style =" width: 261px; height: 247px; "width =" 261 "height =" 247 ">

High-pressure cleaner for the home DED8821

Perhaps, looking out the window, the last thing you think about is gardening. That is why you need tools that will allow you to quickly and efficiently do the job, to be able to return to your warm home as soon as possible or to relax with your loved ones. But what pressure washer will be the best? We present the DED8821 high-pressure cleaner as a vanquisher of decaying leaves and a year-round dirt remover . Thanks to the use of the turbo lance, you will remove all stubborn dirt from the cubes, facade or terrace. Remember to test on an invisible part of the surface before use. The high-pressure washer is fully equipped, but nothing stands in the way of increasing its functionality by using additional accessories, e.g. a patio cleaner. By using dedicated cleaners, you can wash your car, paving stones, etc., while having fun.

Saw, cordless hand saw 165mm DED7064

The hand saw for wood is an excellent tool for cutting wooden boards and wood-based materials. Thanks to the use of an efficient motor, the circular saw effectively cuts the material, and thanks to the use of a guide, you can get an accurate cutting line. How many times have you gotten tired of a handsaw that got stuck on a knot or coarse wood grain. Forget about a dull blade and move to the next level. Thanks to a wide range of wood discs, you can adjust them to your needs. You need to cut something quickly - no problem. Forget about sockets and cables because the device is ready, And you?

The saw also belongs to the family of power tools from the DEDRA SAS + ALL single battery system, so the battery and charger are out of your mind.

Strong rechargeable LED lamp COB DEDRA DED7071

Shine bright like a diamond (...) Due to the fact that the specificity of the hobby of one of the employees of our store requires a lot of light, we include a powerful battery lamp from DEDRA in the list of gift ideas .

But before the details, the first question is "why who needs this lamp?" Living in the city the lights never go out, it would seem that the times of power outage or light shortage are gone. However, it is enough to go somewhere further or to the accommodation facility and it may not be so colorful. The lack of electricity is not the best reason to sit by candlelight - we know better. It is a stressful situation, especially when we do not have a light source. That is why it is worth having something that will provide us with comfort, whether it is a camping trip or in the comfort of your home garden. This cordless workshop lamp has a fold-out foot that allows the headlamp to be tilted. Thanks to the COB diode, the light is very diffused and evenly illuminates the surface. The lamp works in two modes: 10 and 20 watt, the luminous flux reaches 1000 or 2000 lumens, respectively.

If you have a SAS + ALL series cordless drill, you also have a battery that fits this lamp. GENIALN E. The metal housing dissipates heat well, ensuring durability of the structure and electronics. The lamp is especially useful during finishing works, such as plastering, or the finish coat will highlight all surface irregularities. And our employee takes this lamp on trips to caves and former mines, we also have it tested in an extreme way :)

L-DED7092-working-length-510mm-battery-2-0Ah-DED7038-charger-DED7038.html "id =" 8 "> Cordless hedge trimmer - set with 2.0Ah battery and charger

If you have a garden with shrubs or a hedge, you know how much work it takes to run it, so that it does not scare you with its appearance. Pruning with hand scissors is fun, but with METERS of shrub to trim you would like to do it quickly. As soon as possible. Ciach Ciach.

Let's be honest - there are more interesting things to do than laboriously cutting twigs that grow back faster than you are moving forward. That is why it is important to do something and not to make a mess. Thanks to the long cutterbar (51cm), you can even out a large piece of hedge with one move. And working without a cable, you can go to the farthest part of the garden. Relaxing working in silence and no comments "here you missed" "you made the pits again" (..) It is a good idea for a gift for people working in the garden - especially as the range of garden power tools is still expanding.

Like the rest of the SAS + ALL tools, the DED7092 cordless hedge trimmer can be powered by the same battery as drill drivers or chainsaws. Save money, space and the environment in one.

Microprocessor rectifier for car battery DEPM010

Autumn is the beginning of frosts. Rain, heavy traffic, and the car won't start. Before you decide to buy a new battery, you should charge it. We have smartphones, smartwatches, why should the charger not be smart. You don't need to know about chargers to avoid damaging your battery. But how to charge the battery? It's easy. Connect the battery to the wires. You don't have to be a sapper, even if you make a mistake, nothing will happen. The DEDRA DEPM010 battery charger has protection against incorrect polarity connection, so you and your battery are safe. The charger will carry out the charging process on its own, letting you know that the charging is complete with an appropriate diode. You don't have to remember how long to charge the battery.

There is nothing more to you than to enjoy the ride. A perfect gift for any car or motorcycle owner. Especially during the long wait for the season, it is worth taking care of the condition of the battery in a two-wheeler.

Workshop vacuum cleaner with a set of accessories DED6598

The perfect housewife perfectly coped with the dirt at home. Make the glow return to your garage or workshop by using a workshop vacuum cleaner. Its metal tank is resistant to damage, and thanks to the wet operation function, you can approach the cleaning comprehensively. Use a high pressure washer to clean the floor and vacuum up water with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, you do not have to worry about small items such as screws or nuts so as not to destroy the engine. Thanks to a set of brushes and nozzles, you can vacuum even hard-to-reach places. Finally, only the white glove test remains;)

Hammer drill with a DED7959 self-locking handle

As one advertisement said, a loud portable neighbor. If your friends come to your neighbor with hammer drills and drill holes, maybe it's time to join them :) Thanks to the 700W motor and the 13mm self-locking drill chuck, you can drill in concrete, and by turning off the impact, you will make holes in other materials. The lightweight design allows for easy drilling with the drill overhead, and the rotating auxiliary handle allows you to adjust its position to your needs. The hammer drill is one of the basic tools in a home workshop and thanks to the use of a column drill stand, it can be used as a table drill. >

Painting unit for spray painting DED7413

A painting unit is a perfect gift for a DIY enthusiast. Especially if he has garden furniture or a fence around the house to care for. It is also perfect for interior painting, and thanks to the HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology, it does not need an additional source of compressed air. Thanks to the use of a painting unit, the painting process will be quick. It will take the longest time to protect the surfaces that you do not want to paint. Because while you're working, you won't notice how quickly you can repaint your flat or room. Dear ladies, we really don't need to be told about painting every six months. We remember! Simply painting with a roller is eh .., but with such an aggregate it is different :)

Shield for wood and plastics HR1002

A real nut to crack when choosing a gift is for the person who already has everything. But are you sure? In our store's offer you can find many pearls and undoubtedly one of them is the DEDRA HR1002 disc for cutting wood and plastic. Thanks to a special rim (outer edge of the disc) with a silicon carbide sprinkling, you can safely cut materials such as wood, plastic or other plastic with an angle grinder. Remember, never use chain or toothed discs on angle grinders. High rotational speeds (9-13 thousand revolutions) can by themselves break off parts of the disc, e.g. the mentioned chain link or a widia plate. Stay safe and use proven solutions.

Bit set and quick coupling for bits in box 18A11S032

Bits, and more precisely screwdriver bits, are the basis of every DIY enthusiast's equipment. The problem is that they are either soft and torn or get lost in a case or drawer. Therefore, we offer a set of durable bits with a quick connector for their assembly. Thanks to the colored marking, you can easily find the right type, and the closed box will allow for their safe and neat storage. In the set you will find 32 elements, which is enough to unscrew every bolt or screw.

Magnetic band for screws, to be worn on the wrist DEDRA N0030

Working from a rope or in an awkward position, I always lacked a third hand to hold the one nut I was about to put on. If I had known about something as simple and brilliant as a wristband with a magnet, I would not be stressed by this% & $ ^ & $ & * nut that was just here. The DEDRA N0030 headband is a perfect gadget for a DIY gift. Thanks to strong neodymium magnets, all "attached" elements hold securely and are waiting for you to have them within reach. Apparently, you can do without it, but for the money why bother. Buy, use, forget about repeating the line "I am a lotus flower on the surface of the lake (...)"

tml "id =" 16 "> Set of drills, bits, crowns in a case 246 elements DEDRA 18A11S246

If we had key sets, why not drill sets. GREAT drill sets. 246 elements in one suitcase. From concrete drill bits, through metal drills, wood drills, paddle drills, holesaws, bits, drills, Allen and tapping blocks (...) If you want your DIY enthusiast to remember your gift, choose the DEDRA 18A11S246 drill set . Each time he opens the suitcase, he will remember the person who gave it to him. Not that he doesn't remember last year's socks;)

A set of combination wrenches in the DEDRA 1405S case

A compact set of combination wrenches in a handy case is a great gift idea. Thanks to the satin finish, the keys lie perfectly in the hand, and the case with pockets allows for their organized storage. Perfect for a home DIY enthusiast who needs to screw something up. Thanks to their use in CrV steel, chrome-vanadium steels are suitably hard and flexible. They will also prove useful during heavier work, such as strong tightening, e.g. anchors in concrete. By combining a spanner and ring spanner, we have a universal tool that can be used even in hard-to-reach places.

Socket wrench set, ratchet with Hillen & Mohr 17L1012 sockets

You don't need expensive gifts to make someone happy. That is why we recommend a full-fledged small socket wrench set . The included ratchet and 12 sockets and extension are a handy set that can be easily stored in the glove compartment in the car. Wrenches made of CrV steel ensure durability, and a ratchet with a rubberized handle ensures comfort of use. A small thing, but it enjoys.

Screwdriver, screwdriver set 06A093

If you need to ask for screwing down the kitchen cabinet door because it has loosened again, and your man reluctantly goes to work using a knife, it's high time to get him a set of decent screwdrivers, and more precisely screwdrivers. Thanks to the profiled handle, the grip is comfortable and the work is effective. A screwdriver that fits well in your hand is half the battle, especially with hard-to-reach screws. Made of CrV steel - they are more resistant to corrosion than ordinary steel. And the magnetic tip of the screwdriver makes it easy to screw in or unscrew metal parts.

Swivel locksmith vise 125mm 12A412

An overlooked but very useful tool for working with various types of materials. Thanks to the rotating vice head, you can adjust the position of the processed material as needed. The locksmith vise has holes in the base that allow it to be attached to the workbench. This is very convenient due to the much greater stability even when machining long workpieces and high lever forces acting on the vice. The wide spacing of the jaws allows for processing elements up to 125 mm wide.

Hot glue gun 11.2mm DED7553

There is no need to present a glue gun. By heating the stick of glue, it melts and is discharged through a nozzle. An excellent item for all DIY enthusiasts and women dealing with decoupage or creating artistic ornaments. A wide range of adhesives in various colors, from colorless, through honey, gold, silver, red to black, let your imagination run wild. A hot glue gun is a useful tool especially for creating holiday decorations. It is a great fun with form and teaches the use of materials in an unusual way.

Tool bag made of durable material N0044

Having many tools in hand, there is always the problem of transporting them. The backpack is not very handy - it was not intended for transporting tools, especially small ones. The DEDRA N0044 tool bag is an excellent gift choice if the recipient needs help keeping order. Numerous pockets and organizers allow for effective transport, where everything is at hand. Strong rubberized bottom provides protection against moisture and tears, and the durable material protects against abrasions. The shoulder strap allows you to carry the bag hands-free, and the additional handle can be used if the bag is extremely heavy.

Folding workbench N111

A workbench is a great thing, but not everyone has a place to put it somewhere. Poles are wonderful, creative people who have carried out more than one renovation on the stool holding the board with their feet, but it will certainly be more convenient to use a workbench, especially a foldable one. Thanks to the light, but rigid structure, the use of the table is comfortable, and the built-in clamps and holes allow for a secure grip on the processed material. A very good idea for a gift for a husband to finally make decent shelves in the basement or garage :)

Protective assembly gloves with strong Velcro BH1001XL

Good protective gloves are a very important element of clothing. They do not cost much and provide great comfort and look professional. Thanks to the reinforced surfaces on the hands and fingers, it is not as easy to damage them as ordinary cotton gloves. The upper (dorsal) surface of the glove has a fashionable red color, and the strong Velcro firmly holds the glove in place. A great idea for an inexpensive gift for a DIY enthusiast or a person working in the garden.

Fashionable men's softshell jacket BH61KS-XL

Autumn, warm winter and early spring are certain crazy weather. From warm days to windy rain. In such changing conditions, a softshell jacket will come in handy. Thanks to the membrane, it provides protection against rain, and allows moisture to drain away from our body. This way, we avoid overheating and chilling after removing the jacket. Fashionable design allows you to wear the DEDRA BH61KS softshell jacket even in the city. DEDRA has a softshell jacket for women in a nice purple color. Also to work, gentlemen :)

Comfortable work trousers made of flexible material BH42SP

Work trousers are the basic element of DIY equipment. Tired of polishing tough stains or patching tears on nails. Give a handyman or yourself comfortable pants made of stretchy material. Thanks to the addition of elastane, the material is slightly suitable, ensuring comfort in crouching and strong steps. The pants have pockets for foam knee pads, protecting the knees during, for example, tiling or other work that requires working on all fours. Thoughtful pockets and eyelets allow tools to be attached directly to the trousers, which improves the comfort and safety of their use. No more screwdriver holes in the pocket :)

SAS + modular toolbox

A toolbox is a real treasure of every DIY enthusiast, so it is worth ensuring that his tools are safely stored and access to them is easy. As a gift idea for a DIY enthusiast, we present the DEDRA SAS + modular toolbox system . Due to the special design, individual boxes can be joined together. Your husband sighs looking at the workshop boxes on wheels? Nothing simpler, give him a modular toolbox on wheels to which he will be able to attach a box for power tools or hand tools. For tilers, we recommend a platform on wheels and open boxes with partitions, e.g. for crosses, a tile leveling system, etc.

Adapter-powerbank for the battery from power tools DED7003

When using cordless power tools, we often work in places where there is no access to electricity. It is worth being able to recharge your phone. What if we could use a spare battery from power tools? The DEDRA DED7003 battery adapter will transform a standard DEDRA SAS + ALL battery into a power bank. You can charge it with any electronics that you normally power via the USB connector (smartphone, smartwatch, smartband, bluetooth speaker, etc.). Thanks to the belt tag, you can always have it at hand. Perfect as a DIY gift to be always within reach :)

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