Is it possible to use SAS + ALL DED7096 chain saw without an extension?

Ali je možna uporaba SAS + verižne žage DED7096 brez prednjega podaljška? - TISTO

Is it possible to use a chain saw from the Dedra SAS + ALL DED7096 system without extension?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to work with the working tip only without overhang. However, you can adjust the length of the overhang both when using the device as a hedge trimmer or a wood saw. The maximum throat lengths are 300 cm for a hedge trimmer and 270 cm for a wood saw. The given lengths also include the length of the working tips themselves. These lengths can be reduced by 80 cm at the jib. And so, when using a device with a hedge cutter, the minimum length of the projection is 220 cm, and 190 cm for the end of a working chain saw. The given lengths take into account the maintenance of the working tips without deflection / change of position, i.e. in a straight position, when the working tips are deflected, these lengths will be shortened by this deviation and the length of the tip itself.

How does a chainsaw have a tilting head which way it tilts?

The device with replaceable heads DEDRA DED7096 allows you to change the angle of the working tip (saw or hedge trimmer head) along the telescope axis, i.e. up (negative head inclination angle) / down (positive head inclination angle), with the handle position set to 0 degrees. The saw head has an angle adjustment in the range of 0 / + 30 degrees, and the hedge trimmer in the range of -45 / 0 / + 90 degrees. The perpendicular positioning of the shears relative to the telescope makes it easier to cut the top of the shrubs, especially the hedge. In addition, the DED7096 device also allows you to change the angle of the handle in the range -90 / 0 / + 90 degrees.

Ogrodowe urządzenie wielofunkcyjne z wymiennymi głowicami DED7096 głowica nożyc do żywopłotu do urządzenia wielofunkcyjnego DED7096głowica pilarki wysiegnikowej DED7096